Wind Vented

Roofing system utilizes wind to hold secure roofing components. 


The nation’s fastest growing commercial membrane roofing system.

Phase Change Material

Works to absorb heat without changing the temperature inside structure. 

Membrane Restoration

The best solution for any deteriorating and leaking membrane roof.


ERC strives to ensure that every project we are privileged to be involved with – whether working with an architect, roof consultant, specifier, building owner or contractor – goes as smoothly as possible. 

The service ERC provides are not offered by most manufacturers in the market today. Our products go through stringent testing by diagnostic centers and insurance companies to ensure they meet or exceed the high demands of today’s building codes. 

As evident  in our technology, reputation, and proven roof systems, ERC is constantly seeking new ways to improve and update our roofing. Simply put, we offer roofing systems and solar energy solution for today and tomorrow. 

Don't let unfamiliarity or lack of understanding prevent you from utilizing this powerful and money saving technology on your next project. Here at Environmental Roofing Components we are here to train, certify, support, and answer any questions you may have.